Bosnia and Herzegovina submitted Declaration on completion of cluster munition 

Director of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center, submitted an official report in Geneva on the completion of cluster munitions clearance tasks in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The report was submitted at the 11th Meeting of the member countries of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Production, Use, Storage and Transfer of Cluster Munitions, which was signed by over 100 countries around the world.

During his presentation, director pointed out, that all obligations related to Artical 4 of the Convention have been complied with, alli in accordance with the last extension and deadline September 1, 2023.

This exceptional success of our country was acieved in cooperation with partner organizations, the NGO Norwegian People’s Aid, the Republican Administration of Civil Protection of the Republika Srpska, the Federal Administration of Civil Protection of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which, with the professional help and supervision of BHMAC, successfully completed all tasks undertaken. 

Great gratitude was expressed to all donors, especially to the Government of the Kingdom of Norway and their commitment and contribution, so today we can say that our countru is free from cluster munitions. 

Of cours, we must still not forget on providing continuous assistance to all victims of cluster munitions and their famillies, including medical rehabilitation and reintegration into socio – economic streams. 

Although the process of removing cluster munitions has ended, Bosnia and Herzegovina still faces a struggle with the remaining mines and explosive devices, and all donors are invited to continue providing support in this direction, so that our country will be completely safe until 2027, form a mine explosive treat as well.